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Likud Serbia is a  Non Governmental Organisation ( ONG) founded in Serbia in October 2019, by Dr Jelena Pereira.

The aim of Likud Serbia

1. Researching and establishing the life activities of the residence, history, customs and culture of the Jewish people in Serbia and establishing all forms of cooperation between Serbia and Israel and other countries in which they live.


2. Connecting Serbia and Israel in terms of culture, medicine, business, investment, tourism.


3. The study and promotion of the life and work of Theodore Herzell, named after the streets of Zemun, the father of modern political Zionism, born in 1860 after his father Jacob moved from Zemun, where his grandfather Simon Leb came from, and Jewish thoughts and practices  .


4. Collaboration with domestic and foreign institutions and individuals who have participated in Jewish research efforts in the Balkans and Serbia, or similar activities.


5. Connecting the medical institutions of Serbia and Israel, organizing international congresses in the field of medicine, as well as international cooperation between Serbia and Israel in the field of medicine.


6. Promoting the memory of Holocaust victims through the organization of seminars, conferences, projects and lectures.


7. Promoting the history, culture, religion and tradition of the Jewish people in the Balkans and the State of Israel, as well as promoting the preservation of the Jewish cultural heritage through seminars, projects, conferences and lectures.


8. Research literature and organize seminars, projects, congresses and lectures on raising awareness of the existence of anti-Semitism in the Balkans and Europe.


President  Likud Serbia is Dr Jelena Pereira

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