Advisory board

Georg Fray

Georg Frey is a criminologist, speaker, Founder of the Human Behavior Analysis Unit (U.A.C.H) and author of the work I know you lie! Learn to detect Lies. Its next releases will be:
How I Won Mourning, Depression and Suicide.
Special Commissioner of Police, Public Security Manager, Postgraduate in Criminology and Criminal Psychology, with 35 years of experience in the analysis of human behavior. Throughout his career, he has been helping individuals, families and companies, in private consultancies, collective training, courses and workshops, in Brazil and abroad.

Juan Lankamp.

Human Traffic Investigator Specialist, Writer, International Speaker, Communicator. Madrid city, Spain

Likud Montenegro

President, Cerovic Ratko. Podgorica, Montenegro

The Doctor  Davide Pereira is of Portuguese nationality and currently resides in Helsinki. Finland, Europe.He holds a doctorate in theology and an "honoris causa" in the science of religions. He speaks several languages and has lectured on several continents. Author of several books and writes for several renowned European newspapers. He has already been awarded several prestigious international commendations. Political advisor, university researcher and mediator of several academic institutions between the European continent and the African continent. Friend of Israel and a great resistant to all the doctrines of world globalism.The Doctor Davide Pereira is from the "Patriota" political line.

Luis Rincon

Director 613 Radio Breslev. Madrid city , Spain.

Dr André Fonseca , Senior Lawyer , Consul of Gabon , Recife city , Brazil

David Odalric de Caixal i Mata

  • Historiador Militar, experto en Geoestrategia Internacional y Terrorismo Yihadista.

  • Director del Área de Seguridad y Defensa de INISEG (Instituto Internacional de Estudios en Seguridad Nacional). 

  • Director del Observatorio contra la Amenaza Terrorista y la Radicalización Yihadista (OCATRY).

  • Asesor en Seguridad y Defensa en HERTA SECURITY.

  • Membership research projects in support of Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United Kindom.

  • Membership in support of the AUSA (Association of the United States Army).

  • Miembro asesor de la Sección de Derecho Militar y Seguridad del ICAM (Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid).

  • Membership in support of the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces. Barcelona city, Spain.

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