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Advisory board

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Georg Fray

Georg Frey is a criminologist, speaker, Founder of the Human Behavior Analysis Unit (U.A.C.H) and author of the work I know you lie! Learn to detect Lies. Its next releases will be:
How I Won Mourning, Depression and Suicide.
Special Commissioner of Police, Public Security Manager, Postgraduate in Criminology and Criminal Psychology, with 35 years of experience in the analysis of human behavior. Throughout his career, he has been helping individuals, families and companies, in private consultancies, collective training, courses and workshops, in Brazil and abroad.

.Likud Montenegro  President  , Cerovic

Likud Montenegro

President, Cerovic Ratko. Podgorica, Montenegro

Daniel Romero.jpeg

Daniel Romero

Journalist- Narcoterrorism Analyst- Host and columnist in various Radio and TV programs
Director of Total News Agency
ICIA Analyst
Former intelligence advisor to the Presidency of the Nation
Former President of Consultores SA: Surveys-Social Behavior and media analysis
Former adviser in International Relations of the Ministry of Defense
Former Intelligence Advisor to the Ministry of Defense
Former President of the House Ccmmittee and Vice President of the American Club of Buenos Aires- Conferences and talks on national and international matters-
Speaker before the IV United Nations Commission on Polisario Front terrorism and diversion of humanitarian aid. occupied territories


The Doctor  Davide Pereira is of Portuguese nationality and currently resides in Helsinki. Finland, Europe.He holds a doctorate in theology and an "honoris causa" in the science of religions. He speaks several languages and has lectured on several continents. Author of several books and writes for several renowned European newspapers. He has already been awarded several prestigious international commendations. Political advisor, university researcher and mediator of several academic institutions between the European continent and the African continent. Friend of Israel and a great resistant to all the doctrines of world globalism.The Doctor Davide Pereira is from the "Patriota" political line.

Andre Fonseca.jpeg

Andre Henrique Gomes da Fonseca 


Director Presidente , AHGF & Advogados Associados , Brasil 

Consul Honorario do Gabao 

Doutor Honoris Causa , FFBICOCB , Brasil 

Comenda Missao de Paz da ONU , Sao Paulo , Brasil

Davide Racca.jpg

Davide Racca CV
Senior Intelligence Analyst - (2020 - present)
Member of the Scientific Committee of Centro Alti studi Averroè - Rome (2020 - present)
Administrator and Head of Analysis (2018 - present)
Inspector Italian Police Force - anti-terrorism (1985 - 2017)
Consultant for parliamentary committee Italian Government (2004 - 2005)  
Higher Institute of Investigative Techniques for the Carabinieri (2013)
Patented Parachuting (1999)
Patented fast vehicle conductor (1991)
Certified Bomb Disposal Technician at the Army Specialist Armament Centre (1989)

Migrants and terrorism: Europol confirms jihadist infiltration 
Defeated Isis wants revenge 
In France, Islamists infiltrate administrations Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood, from the Middle East to the conquest of the West 
Middle East: the leader of Hamas is nowhere to be found 
The decline of the Islamic State is not the end of the Jihad 
Ultras: that borderline between cheering and violence 
Analysis: Iran's offensive potential Dissimulation and deception at the base of Islamic expansionism

The international terrorism of Islamic matrix in Italy and Europe - Pontifical Theological Faculty St. Bonaventure 
Technical computer operator

Acknowledgements and certificates
Certificate of public merit 
Bronze medal for military service
Bronze medal Gold cross with tower for seniority in military service. Tel Aviv city.

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